5 mind puzzle बताओ तो जानू

If you can pass all the Mind Puzzle listed below then your IQ is higher then the average person. You can share these puzzles with your family and friends to check their IQ and intelligence. If you consider yourself an intelligent person then you will solve all these mind puzzles in just 1 minute.

1. Which car wins this race?

Car puzzel
Mind puzzle 1

 2. What is the answer to this multiple calculations?

maths puzzel question
Mind puzzel 2

 3. What is the weight of bluebird in this picture?

bird puzzel
Mind puzzel 3

 4.From which pipe water will come out?

mind puzzel
Mind puzzel 4

 5. What will be the value of eight?

week puzzel solve
Mind puzzel 5

If you solve all mind puzzles then your mind is 80% more efficient then others. comment the questions and forward it to your friends and family. You can download these images by just pressing it and save it to your device.